The benchmark for driver comfort

The DAF CF interior has a high-end look and feel which is industry-leading.

Interior makeover

The DAF CF interior does not only look good, it excells in comfort, with the added bonus of the ultra low noise levels. The seats have a new trim and there are silver accents on the steering wheel. The walls, mattresses and curtains have new, warm colours for a high-class environment that makes every driver feel at home. And because the CF is the most versatile truck on the market, there are many options to customise the cab both to personal taste and transport needs.   

Great-looking trim

The dashboard comes in Dark Sand trim with Black Rock deco panels as standard. The deco panels also come in the colours Rustica (wood structure) and Argenta (silver). It all adds up to an ultra-modern look.

Exclusive line upgrade

The interior can be upgraded with superb Exclusive trim on the dashboard and doors. The result is an extremely luxurious, six-star working and living environment for the driver.

Even better driver information

The beautiful and clear instrument panel has new fonts and a new styling for enhanced clarity. The Driver Information Panel provides more information to increase driver comfort and efficiency. To enhance driver performance even further, settings are grouped on the instrument panel more logically and the Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) includes even more tips for economical driving.

High-comfort climate control

The completely new climate control unit stands out when it comes to comfort and user-friendliness. It features one-touch defrosting, park ventilation, park heating with timer, optional rest heat utilization and automatic air recirculation. The rear wall includes a temperature control unit which allows the driver to access the system from the comfort of the bed. In addition, the new temperature and climate control system is extremely efficient, supporting lowest total cost of ownership. Maximum comfort and a cosy interior no matter what the weather conditions are.

Driver configurable switches

The clear and intuitive layout of the dashboard makes it easy to use. Thanks to smart vehicle electronics, individual switches can be positioned according to your transport requirements and the personal preference of the driver. These driver configurable switches also make it easy for dealers and bodybuilders to add new functions without the need to install extra control panels. So whatever the configuration of the body and chassis, the DAF CF allows you to control functions wherever you want on the dashboard. The perfect combination of great driver comfort and maximum vehicle efficiency.

New outstanding interior lighting

We have completely redesigned the interior lighting with an innovative rotary switch control. The control button is centrally located in the middle of the console so it is within easy reach. The driver can choose a lighting mode for different driving and resting conditions, and there is also a dimming function.

The DAF CF in more detail

Driveline excellence

Achieving up to 7% extra fuel efficiency and as a result up to 7% lower CO2 emissions starts by having the right driveline for the job

The perfect base to build on

The DAF CF offers unmatched flexibility when it comes to chassis configurations, whether it is equipped with a hooklift system, flatbed, box body or any other superstructure.

Exterior design

The DAF CF’s exterior includes leading-edge design features that put in a class of its own when it comes to visual appeal.


DAF Truck Configurator

Efficiency starts with the right choice of truck, tailored to your specific application. Configure your cab, colour, exterior, driveline, chassis and more with the 3D DAF Truck Configurator.