The benchmark for driver comfort

A comfortable driver is a better driver. That’s why the interior is such an important part of the DAF LF. The moment the driver steps into the cab, he or she enjoys the highest standard of comfort, user-friendliness and safety.

The perfect working environment

The dashboard is both attractive and comprehensively equipped, offering maximum ease of use. All controls are within easy reach and arranged logically by function. And the extra-large capacity of the heating and ventilation system means the interior can quickly be brought to the ideal temperature. Perfect when drivers get in and out of the cab many times a day.

Even better driver information

The beautiful and clear instrument panel has new fonts and a new styling for enhanced clarity. The Driver Information Panel provides more information to increase driver comfort and efficiency. To enhance driver performance even further, settings are grouped on the instrument panel more logically and the Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) includes even more tips for economical driving.

Great storage space

The DAF LF offers extensive storage options: a spacious lockable compartment on the engine tunnel, side pockets in the door panels and two large compartments above the windscreen. The Extended Day Cab and Sleeper Cab come with three additional lockable storage boxes behind the seats as standard; one with a 23-litre capacity, and two with 39-litres.

Ergonomic design

The adjustable, multifunctional steering wheel contributes to an excellent driving position. There are integrated switches for operating the cruise control, engine brake, radio and hands-free TruckPhone, while the climate control and the double DIN slot for the optional Truck Navigation Radio are all within easy reach.

Highly adjustable seat

The DAF LF has an extremely comfortable driver’s seat, with a large range of adjustments; of up to 210 mm longitudinal and 120 mm in height. This results in the perfect driving position for drivers of all heights. An air sprung driver’s seat with optional heating is also available.

The DAF LF in more detail


The DAF LF comes with a unique range of engines, transmissions and rear axle ratios to ensure you get the best truck for your job.


The perfect base to build on. With its modern, strong and light chassis, the DAF LF does not compromise on robustness and flexibility.

Exterior design

The DAF LF’s superb exterior design gives it a strong and friendly look, making the truck a great advertisement for your business.


DAF Truck Configurator

Efficiency starts with the right choice of truck, tailored to your specific application. Configure your cab, colour, exterior, driveline, chassis and more with the 3D DAF Truck Configurator.