DAF LF Electric

The ideal zero-emission distribution truck
With easy cab access, unparalleled manoeuvrability and a low kerb weight for a high payload, a DAF LF is ideal for distribution or vocational applications. The LF Electric offers all these qualities as well as zero emissions and almost silent driving. It’s easy to see why the DAF LF is so successful. It ensures optimum comfort and practicality for drivers who need to get in and out of the truck frequently or be able to deal with freight documents easily. Designed specifically for urban applications, it has a spacious yet compact cab and offers superb driveability along with a good driving position.

Mains-voltage compatible

The LF Electric has a combined charging system. It features onboard charging, which means it can be connected to a 400v AC 3 phase electrical supply for overnight charging — ideal for when the vehicle returns to its home base at the end of the day. The batteries can be charged from 20% to 80% in 6.5 hours and from 0% to 100% in 12 hours.

280-kilometre range

The 19-tonne LF Electric has a 260 kW (370 kW peak power) electric motor that’s powered by a 282 kWh (252 kWh effective) battery pack. The result is outstanding performance, and even more importantly: a range of up to 280 kilometres. That’s unique in this class!

Genuinely quick charging

Quick charging is also available. This functionality requires the installation of a DC charger (650 V DC, 150 kW) at your premises, making it possible to charge the batteries from 20% to 80% in just one hour and from 0% to 80% in only two hours. This will maximise the operating time of your LF Electric.

Smart e-PTO

DAF can supply the LF Electric with an e-PTO to power auxiliary equipment and bodywork as required. This eliminates the need for a separate power source and allows you to use electrically powered refrigeration and waste collection equipment – making your truck completely CO2 emission-free from front to back.

High payload

The LF Electric is available as a rigid truck with a 5.30 m or 5.85 m wheelbase; it has a GVW of 19 tonnes and a body and payload allowance of 11.7 tonnes, which is sufficient for most distribution applications.

ChassisRigid truck 4×2
GVW19 tonnes
Wheelbase530/585 centimetres
Chassis cab weight7,300 kg
Payload11,700 kg
Electric motorDana, permanent magnet
Power260 kW (nominal) / 370 kW (peak)
Torque1970 Nm
Battery capacity282 kWh (254 kWh effective)
Range fully chargedUp to 280 km / 175 miles
Onboard charge282 kWh (254 kWh effective)
Quick Battery charging0% to 80% in 120 minutes (at 150 kW)
* Depending on the application, driving circumstances and load.

Μπαταρία τελευταίας τεχνολογίας 

You don’t see it. Nevertheless, the DAF LF Electric is equipped with one of the biggest innovations in the electric truck technology in recent years: the LFP battery. LFP stands for Lithium, Ferro (iron) and Phosphate, referring to the three main components of this power source.

DAF Trucks is the first major OEM to use this type of power unit in its trucks, after lengthy tests and extensive research, of course. LFP batteries have three enormous advantages over the existing cobalt and magnesium containing batteries: they are completely ‘Cobalt Free’, ‘Cell to Pack’ and extremely safe.

Cobalt Free
Cobalt is frequently considered an essential raw material for batteries. However, not only is the stock of cobalt finite, its mining industry is not regarded as sustainable. A good reason for DAF to look for an alternative that eliminates both disadvantages. And the LFP meets that requirement, making the LF Electric an even more green truck.

Cell to Pack
Furthermore, the battery is ‘Cell to Pack’. This means that individual battery cells can be stacked and that no intermediate buffering modules are required. This increases the energy density per liter enormously. And that is reflected in the range of the new LF Electric. Although the size of the battery pack remained almost the same, the range of the third generation LF Electric doubled compared to its predecessor; from over 100 to over 200 kilometers on one charge.

Highest safety
A final important advantage over other regular battery chemistries is the thermal and chemical stability of a LFP power source. The lithium, iron and phosphate composition not only improves battery resistance for overheating, it also eliminates the so-called thermal runaway – a chain reaction within a battery pack. As a result, by mounting LFP batteries the possibility of a spontaneous ignition is reduced to zero, further enhancing the LF Electric safety standards.

Partner in business

There is more to achieving zero-emission transport than purchasing an electric truck. To achieve a successful zero-emission transport solution, DAF has developed advanced route-analysis and simulation tools. Experienced DAF sales consultants use these tools to map a zero-emission transport task based on various DAF E-truck configurations and charging equipment specifications. They explore alternative technical solutions, provide clear insight into the implications of these solutions, and determine the optimal solution for a zero-emission transport assignment. Throughout all these steps we closely collaborate with our customers.

Electric truck service

An electric truck requires different servicing than traditional trucks. The DAF dealer has the most up-to-date knowledge along with specialists who are fully trained and certified to keep your trucks on the road.

Charging systems

DAF is on hand to help you select the right charging systems for your batteries. We work in close collaboration with leading suppliers and there’s a wide choice of charging stations and capacities. We also develop customised training to help your drivers get the most out of your electric truck. This is just another example of how DAF does more than simply supply the best trucks.

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