Clean diesel technology

The modern combustion engine is becoming even cleaner and more sustainable

Despite advances in alternative technologies like hybrid electric, fully electric and hydrogen solutions, the diesel engine will remain the primary driveline for commercial vehicles for the foreseeable future. At the moment, no other type of engine is as efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Improving diesel engine performance

Through the use of advanced fuel injection technologies and systems for treating exhaust emissions, modern diesel engines are already very ‘clean’. In fact, the emissions coming out of the exhaust are hardly measurable anymore.

DAF will continue to improve and refine the diesel engine, amongst others with the aim of achieving even greater reductions in emissions. Additional improvements can also be expected as a result of the development of new types of fuel like Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and Power to Liquid.

Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil

Power to Liquid

Huge reductions in NOx and soot emissions

It is useful to stop every now and then to consider the impressive achievements that have already been accomplished with regard to trucks and emissions. The nitrogen oxide emissions of a modern truck with a Euro 6 diesel engine are an incredible 95% lower than those of a similar truck 25 to 30 years ago. And particle emissions have fallen even more – 97% – in the same period. 

In other words:

A single Euro 1 truck built in 1994 produces the same amount of NOx as 20 modern-day trucks.

And in terms of particle emissions: one Euro 1 truck from 1994 is as polluting as 35 trucks built today.

And what about CO2 ?

The most recent generation of DAF trucks are no less than 20% more efficient than their predecessors 20 years ago. And in this case, 20% less fuel consumption translates directly into a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.

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