The Municipality of Athens strengthens its fleet with nine DAF trucks

DAF LF 230 FA 4x2 12t

ERGOTRAK, delivered with absolute success a total of 9 state-of-the-art biaxial DAF TRUCKS, for the needs of the Municipality of Athens.

Specifically, 7 dump trucks with hydraulic crane and grab were delivered, build on a biaxial truck frame DAF LF 230 FA 4×2 12t (EURO 6). Also, 2 open trucks with hydraulic door were delivered, build on a biaxial truck-frame DAF LF 230 FA 4×2 12t (EURO 6).

The DAF LF has unique advantages such as the industry-leading payload, top flexibility with a short turning cycle and excellent durability, comfort and driver friendliness. The vehicles are equipped with an engine of new anti-pollution technology EURO 6, six-cylinder, four-stroke, of the most advanced types, with common rail and turbo variable geometry and Intercooler.

ERGOTRAK, is the official distributor and repairer of DAF Trucks N.V. in Greece since the end of 1999 and establishes a new era of direct contact within the professional vehicle market, thanks to the high technology and the top quality of the products of the Dutch company.